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Featured Companies

Benesse Holdings, Inc.

Benesse Holdings, Inc.

Benesse Holdings, Inc is the gourp of companies for education.
Japan Trade Organization

Japan Trade Organization

Promote international business opportunities between Japanese companies and the companies in other countries.
Suntory Holdings Limited

Suntory Holdings Limited

Suntory Holdings Limited sells many kinds of drink.Beverages, beer, spirits and wine...Both kids ...
Alfa Romeo Car Sales

Alfa Romeo Car Sales

Sales & Export of Alfa Romeo used cars from Japan to rest of ...
Sayu Accountant office

Sayu Accountant office

Tax returns services.

Latest News

Japan posted good trade surplus of 3.41 billion Yen in February 2019

The Japan logs a very goods trade surplus of ¥3.41 billion ($32.1 million) in February amid continued strength in exports, but rising energy imports weighed on the black ink, government data showed Monday.The trade surplus came as exports rose 1.8 ......

Japan to introduce new bank notes as Reiwa era starts

The Government of Japan is intending to introduce new ten-thousand-yen, five-thousand-yen, and one-thousand-yen bills within next few years. The designs of Japanese banknotes are changed on a regular basis to incorporate new anti-counterfeiting features.The government's latest decision to issue new ......



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